Train hard, Have fun, Belong

Activate is unlike any gym you’ve been to before. We pride ourselves on our world-class facilities and friendly, welcoming atmosphere. Here you will train with like minded people in a motivating environment where everyone, regardless of fitness level, age or ability, is committed to achieving lasting fitness results.

What we do

Why choose Activate?

Expert Coaching

At Activate your health matters to us. All our coaches are professionally trained to ensure you achieve your fitness goals.


You get all the benefits of elite personal training at a fraction of the cost in a small group setting.

All levels of fitness

All our workouts can be fully adjusted to suit your level of fitness and ability, meaning Activate is just right for YOU.


Our unique community will ensure every workout is fun. You’ll work as part of a team while achieving your individual goals.

Constantly varied

No two workouts in Activate are the same, meaning you will never get bored and always be challenged


Train consistently with us, and we guarantee, you’ll feel better and achieve the fitness results you want.

Start here

Schedule a no-sweat intro with one of our coaches. We’ll chat about your goals, and look at how best to accomplish them.

Like what you heard?

You can choose to work one to one with one of our dedicated coaches.


Or would like to try CrossFit? Join in one of our Activate Foundations classes, designed to get you moving well so you can reach your best fitness levels ever!

Get ready to get in the best shape of your life in a friendly and supportive environment.

What is our Foundations Programme?

The emphasis of our Foundations program is to introduce our new members to exercise in a safe environment. We focus on teaching you the basic movements of our programmes whilst gradually building your fitness. It is designed to prepare beginners or those who have not done CrossFit before, to enter our ongoing classes. 

It is a program that involves 4 sessions over 2 weeks. In each session, we will run through the technique and scaling options for the WOD (workout of the day). This will help you to understand how to make any workout we put up scalable to your current fitness level and ability. Once we have gone through the technique we then apply what you have learnt to a workout at the end of each session which will get progressively more challenging from session to session as your fitness and knowledge improves.

Meet the team

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