Frequently Asked Questions



We know getting started or back into training can be daunting. Therefore we’ve compiled a short list of F.A.Q’s we think might help answer any questions you might have.


  • Q: I feel very unfit, I’m scared and don’t think I’ll be able for your classes, what should I do?

  • A: We promise you’ll be fine. Book into one of our weekly Free Intro classes and try us out. We modify every workout to suit your fitness level and ability, so you’ll never have to do something you can’t or are unable for. Otherwise, call into us and have a chat about any worries you might have. 



  • Q: I’ve heard CrossFit is dangerous or I’m afraid I might get injured.

  • A: Absolutely not! At Activate we have experienced coaches who put correct form and technique above all else. We never make anyone power through a workout that they are not able to perform safely and correctly. We are highly skilled at knowing when to push you to work a little harder or when you might need to ease off. 


  • Q: What do I need to bring?

  • A: Just yourself! Some comfortable workout clothes, appropriate footwear and a water bottle, we provide everything else. 



  • Q: What is your “On-Ramp Program”?

  • A: Our On-Ramp program is specifically designed to help you learn the technique for movements we use in our classes to ensure you can perform them safely and effectively. It’s a 4-week course with two classes per week where you’ll have fun and get equipped with the skills needed to continue your fitness journey.



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